Are you tired or burnt out over your current career? Feeling stuck at your job with no options and looking for a change but don’t want to go back to school?

We hear you loud and clear and it is completely normal! There is a pandemic of unhappy workers looking for new careers. The world has changed and the status quo has been shattered. There are a lot of options out there – many more than you probably think – when it comes to finding a new job. We’ll help you sort through it all and give you ideas to help you find a fulfilling career.

Welcome to Easy Career Change where you can find blogs about what alternative jobs might fit you best while still being related to the skills you have already developed! Our articles are written by industry professionals that have researched what careers could be a good fit for you based on your current position. You just might find some career ideas that you never even previously thought possible!

How to best use the Easy Career Change website

Consider us as a valued resource to help you find the right career that fits your skills. Scan through or search our alternative career articles to see if your current career is listed, and then see what some possible alternatives are. We’ve been through the same frustrations you’re feeling with your current job, and are simply looking to provide a little help and resources for those that are there right now. We hope to provide some inspiration and a path forward in your future work-life.

What if I don’t see my current career listed

Easy Career Change is an evolving and growing website. If your current career isn’t listed and you’d like to see some potential alternatives in one of our future blogs, let us know! Just send us a message on our contact Easy Career Change form and we will consider your current career for a future article.

Are there really alternatives for my current career?

Yes! There are many more options than you think that fit most people’s current career. This is where we fill the gap and provide you with those alternative job ideas that you may have never thought of yourself. It doesn’t matter what career you’re currently in, our sole purpose is to be informational and help you find a more fulfilling career. Some examples of current careers that have alternatives include:

We hope to be a future resource for whenever you or someone you know is looking to make that career change.

Will I need to go back to school to further my education?

While this is a valid option, and many do choose to do so, our focus at Easy Career Change is on helping you find a career within your current education level and thus compatible with your current job and skillset. That’s the motto behind Easy Career Change.

Who is behind Easy Career Change?

We are a small team of dedicated professionals that have spanned many careers throughout our cumulative working lives. We have ranged from grocery store workers to ex-lawyers and everything in between. When we write a specific article we get in touch with professionals from that career to get a better picture of their skillset, and then research what other career paths are compatible with that particular position, skillset and education level required.

We look forward to providing you with options on your journey from being miserable and frustrated with your current career to finding a new career path that leads to a healthier and happier work/life balance.

Ready to start your career change?