Working in retail may seem like a simple job but the employees put in a long day. They need to make sure that the customers are checked out promptly and that the price is correct. There are some instances when the customer may not be happy or something does not scan correctly and the employee needs to fix it. They need to check out the customers, provide help as needed, and make sure the customers have a positive shopping experience. With the use of self-checkouts and more people shopping online retail employees are beginning to look for other careers. There is no high demand for retail employees anymore. They are looking for alternatives before they get laid off. They are also looking to advance and make more money. Retail employees often build up skills and get their foot in the door with a company before advancing to a higher position. There are some alternative careers for retail employees.

1. Customer Service Representative

Typical Salary Range: $30k-$50k

The retail employee can advance their career and take on a higher role in serving the customers. They can work with the customers to answer any questions they may have and handle any complaints. They will have more authority to make decisions on behalf of the company. They will need to be knowledgeable about the company they are looking for. If they start in retail the employee can often advance to this position. They will be the first person that a client meets when they are working with the company so this is an important role where retail experience will be helpful.

2. Information Clerk

Typical Salary Range: $30k-$45k

This job will provide clerical and administrative support in retail and other settings. The clerk will help keep records and collect data. They will organize information and will respond to any questions or concerns that a customer may have. They will be able to find the information to answer the questions and will help improve the service offered by an organization. They can use their sales background to gather important information and make informed decisions.

3. Insurance Sales Agent

Typical Salary Range: $45k-$60k

Insurance has a lot to do with customer service and someone that has worked in retail has experience working with customers. They can get one of the job training to learn about the insurance and the different types that their clients will need. They will need to use their interpersonal skills from retail to working with the clients to help them find the right insurance for their needs.

4. Real Estate Sales Agent

Typical Salary Range: $45k-$90k

The insurance agent will need to work with clients when they are buying and selling a property. A person can use their retail experience to help the client find the home they are looking for or sell their current home. They will need to use their sales experience for the sale and make sure their clients are happy with the outcome.

5. Visual Merchandising

Typical Salary Range: $40k-$55k

This requires that a person is creative and has an eye for detail. A retail worker can make the switch to posting produces and drawing attention to a specific brand. They will need to know some information such as what catches the attention of shoppers and how to make things visually appealing. They can work for a corporate company or freelance for a specific brand to get the company customers.

6. Buyer and Planner

Typical Salary Range: $55k-$75k

This career will have a person make decisions about what products they should purchase for the store and the amount that they will need to purchase. They will need to work with wholesalers and will need to know information about what their customers like. They will work with different brands and will help stock the stores.

7. Office Manager

Typical Salary Range: $40k-$55k

A person with a background in sales can manage an office. They will have the customer service skills that are needed to work with a client. They will have the organizational skills to make sure everything runs smoothly. An office manager has to be personable and make sure that the clients are happy with the services that they are receiving. This is good for someone with a background in retail and working with clients.

8. IT Worker

Information technology is a huge field and there are many places where a retail worker can find that their experience is useful. They may be able to work with clients and help them troubleshoot problems or find the device that is best for their needs. They can also use their knowledge of computers and other items they may have used in retail such as inventory management programs. Most IT jobs will allow a person to train for the position as they work their job. This field has plenty of room for advancement and will keep on growing.

9. Hospitality

This is another field where there are many different jobs to select from. A person with a retail background can check-in guests and make sure they are having a pleasant experience. They can also work as managers and work behind the scenes to gather information about how a customer feels about their stay. To work this job good people skills are needed. Those that work in retail have the patient and the skills to deal with guests and make sure they have a positive experience. They also have a customer service background to lead others and know how to make their clients happy with their experience.

10. Lab Assistant

Typical Salary Range: $35k-$45k

While this may seem like a stretch from retail a person can use their skills to work in a medical lab. They may need to get a certification to do so but it will be a short-term training program. They will need to use their attention to detail skills to complete this job. They may also be asked to give the results to the clients which are where the retail skills will come in handy and be helpful to this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a retail worker is looking to change their career they may have some questions. Like with any other job move things can be a little unsettling at first. The worker will need to know that they can make a profit and increase their earnings. These are some common questions retail workers that are looking to change careers may have.

What skills and education are needed for a career change?

The careers that were mentioned will allow a person to train while they are on the job. They do require some experience in retail and working with the general public.

Is there room for advancement?

These careers offer the potential room for worth and advancement. They offer higher positions with additional responsibilities. The rate at which a person can advance may be determined by the amount of effort they put into the job.

Why the career change?

This can be a question asked to the retail associate that is looking to change their career. They can talk about the desire for advancement and that they want to use their customer service and communication skills to better serve a company and its customers.

When a person is working in retail they may change careers. While retail can give a person the chance to work with the general public and socialize there are some setbacks to working retail. With the increase in online shopping, a job in retail is not as secure as it once was. These career options will allow a person to use their customer service skills and their communication skills to land a job and secure a job.

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