Every year, lots of people decide to forego permanent residency living and live out of an RV. However, you may still want or need to earn money while living and traveling in your RV camper, but what jobs can you do while living in a van? Commonly, people living in an RV work at campgrounds in a variety of positions, including as attendants, cooks or deli workers or managers at the canteen, domestic workers, or inventory assistants. Amazon even runs a program that specifically hires people living in campers to work seasonally at different warehouses across the US. There are plenty of opportunities if you want to work within the camper community. Unfortunately, many of these jobs do not pay that much money. You also may want work that utilizes your camper skills without direct connection to camper life. Check out these traveling jobs for RVers and more.

Freelance Photographer

Salary Range: The hourly wage for a photographer ranges from under $11.80 to over $37.38, with a median of $18.73.

As someone in a camper lifestyle, you have exposure to unique views. Combine that with photography skills, and you could earn money as a freelance photographer. In addition to wildlife and sunsets, you could also sell photographs of local events, festivals, or local youth sports. Check with local newspapers when you arrive in a new place, as small towns might especially need someone with a good camera and a good eye for pictures.

Travel Blogger

Salary Range: The salary range for a travel blogger is from $16,500 to $126,500, with an average of $63,173.

Take advantage of the life you live by documenting it as a travel blogger. Write blog posts of your adventures and how to survive in a camper. Review the places you go and the places you stay. Many companies offer incentives or free experiences to review their services for your blog, including restaurants, outdoor activities, hotels, campgrounds, and more. You can also make money off your blog through advertisements.

Watersports Instructor

Salary Range: The average salary for a watersports instructor is $59,635. The salary varies depending on location and type of sport.

If you love that life in a camper gives you the freedom to kayak on the lake, surf in the ocean, or swim in the open water, then you could parlay your skills as a watersports instructor. Find a company to work with or market yourself and give private lessons. Help kids and adults learn to do the activities that you do by teaching them proper safety and techniques.


Salary Range: The salary range for a cartographer is from under $47,230 to over $103,450, with a median of $68,900.

Living in an RV, you learn how to decipher and interpret maps well. Use your skills with maps and find your way into a career as a cartographer. You may need a bachelor’s degree in geography or computer science to get a job. If you have that, then you explore the open road while creating maps and surveying areas.

Data Scientist

Salary Range: The salary range for a data scientist is from under $52,720 to over $125,140, with a median of $94,280.

Whether it is creating a budget, computing your miles per gallon, or figuring out your weight distribution, you constantly do math when you live in an RV. Merge those math skills with computing skills for a career as a data scientist. Spend your time improving your data skills through remote boot camps if you need to skill up. Build statistical models and work with data to help organizations find solutions.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Salary Range: The salary range for a cybersecurity analyst is between under $60,060 to over $163,300, with a median of $103,590.

As someone who can find precarious situations on the road in a camper, you know the importance of preventative measures for safety. Funnel this interest into a remote career as a cybersecurity analyst. Study organizational policies, isolate potential weak points in procedures and infrastructure and devise solutions to improve cybersecurity.

Digital Marketer

Salary Range: The average salary for a digital marketer is $62,615.

Creativity is imperative for an enjoyable life on the road. Use those skills in a remote position as a digital marketer. Develop a social media strategy, write press releases, utilize marketing tools on websites, and create digital advertisements. Market and help shape brand strategies.

Software Developer

Salary Range: The salary of a software developer ranges from under $65,210 to over $170,100, with a median of $110,140.

Use the analytical skills you need in the RV to diagnose problems as a software developer. You do need to already have skills in software development or spend your time on the RV learning through a remote program. Determine solutions and develop software applications. Write the code to create the programs and design the elements of software programs.


Salary Range: The salary for a mechanic ranges from under $29,010 to over $75,100, with a median $46,880.

The maintenance and upkeep of a camper are complex and necessary. Parlay your skills in servicing your RV into servicing other campers and vehicles. Check for issues and run diagnostics on vehicles. Order parts to match the vehicles, and fix problems with RVs and other vehicles. You can advertise around your campground or get a temporary job with a local repair shop.


Salary Range: The average salary for a copywriter is $53,630.

Communication skills are imperative to success on the road. Use your communication skills for a career as a remote copywriter. Create content and sales copies for businesses. Research a range of topics and write high-level content for users. Edit your work and make sure your copy fits the overall strategy.

Graphic Designer

Salary Range: The salary of a graphic designer ranges from under $31,310 to over $98,260, with a median of $50,710.

If you enjoy telling a visual story of your travels while utilizing computer programs, consider a career as a graphic designer. Create layouts, design color schemes, and create digital illustrations. Sketch designs on paper first or utilize computer programs to create your illustrations. Work with a team to incorporate words, edit designs, and publish illustrations.

Dropshipping Retailer

Salary Range: Dropshippers make between $18,500 and $90,000, with an average of $46,358.

Deciding to move into a camper takes organizational skills and a certain amount of risk-taking, which makes you a perfect match for a job as a dropshipping retailer. As a dropshipper, you create a website and choose a supplier. When someone places an order, the supplier sends it. Since you do not keep a physical inventory, you can maintain your travels unabated.

Construction Worker

Salary Range: The salary for a construction worker ranges from under $28,660 to over $62,590, with a median of $37,520.

You develop a lot of outdoor skills and skills in manual labor while living in a camper. Consider using your skills as a construction worker. Many construction teams offer seasonal and temporary employment allowing you to pick up work wherever you go. Get rid of trash and demolition at construction sites. Transport materials, create structures and interpret plans.

Traveling Nurse

Salary Range: The average salary for a travel nurse is $2,249 per week or $116,948 per year.

First aid knowledge is crucial on the road, but a background and licensure in nursing are even better in finding traveling jobs for RVers. If you have that, you can enjoy RV life as a travel nurse. Choose different destinations to travel to based on opportunities and bring your camper. Spend weeks to months at a destination before moving to your next spot. Carry out your typical nursing duties but move to a different place across the US.

Event Coordinator

Salary Range: Event coordinators earn from below $30,170 to higher than $96,230, with a median of $49,470.

Apply the problem-solving skills, organizational skills, and communication skills that you develop living the camper life to a career as an event coordinator. Work for yourself so that you can offer your services nationwide. Travel event coordinators are especially in demand for festivals and concerts. Plan out details, organize logistics, supervise workers, and work within a budget to produce events for clients.

Data Entry Clerk

Salary Range: The salary for a data entry associate ranges from below $24,010 to over $60,230, with a median of $37,450.

Attention to detail keeps you safe and alert in your camper, but it can also help you earn money as a data entry clerk. Receive data from businesses and input it into databases or spreadsheets. Organize and clean unstructured data in bulk for data analysts to organize. So long as you have a computer, you can do this job remotely.

Patient Travel Coordinator

Salary Range: The average salary of a patient travel coordinator is $41,480.

People who serve as patient travel coordinators need to understand how to alter plans if something goes wrong, which people in RVs understand well. Help patients that travel book arrangements. Coordinate bookings and consult with insurance representatives to check coverage for arrangements. Alter travel arrangements for unexpected changes.

Corporate Travel Agent

Salary Range: The salary for a travel agent ranges from under $28,280 to above $74,220, with a median of $43,810.

Your travel knowledge and logistical skills put you in a perfect place to be a corporate travel agent. Find promotions for corporations to book accommodation, rental cars, and airfare across the US or internationally. Work within a budget and timeline to meet the needs of the company. Plan travel for a large number of travelers and corporate events.

Insurance Underwriter

Salary Range: The salary for an insurance underwriter ranges from under $47,330 to above $126,380, with a median of $76,390.

Use the analysis and decision-making skills of an RVer to excel as an insurance underwriter. You do need certification, which you can gain online. Many companies also allow you to work remotely from anywhere. Assess insurance applications and determine the level of risk with the applicant. Discuss applications with representatives and set the limits and coverage of policies.

Vineyard Worker

Salary Range: The average salary of a vineyard worker is $14.07 per hour.

As someone who lives and travels in a camper, you probably enjoy the outdoors. Get paid to spend time outside as a vineyard worker. Collect grapes, trim vines, and tend to the botanical health of the vineyard. You can find vineyards across the US for seasonal jobs. You may also find other work around the vineyard, such as in the tasting room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workamping?

You engage in workamping when you engage in jobs on campgrounds. You may find it convenient to work on the same campgrounds where you live. The jobs are temporary and geared to people living in campers. You could find a job serving food at the campgrounds, doing cleanup, landscaping, working as an admissions cashier, or other jobs around the grounds.

What are the common seasonal jobs for RVers?

Many seasonal jobs are common for RVers. You could work for Amazon’s Camperforce in warehouses. You could work at theme parks during the summer or tree lots during the winter holidays. You could be a seasonal tour guide or hiking guide for visitors at parks or local attractions.

What are the best RV jobs for couples?

Workamping is a great pick for couples who want to work together. You can often find food service or campground jobs for you and your partner because they hire in bulk on a seasonal basis.

Final Thoughts

The RV Life

You have a lot of options to make money while living out of a camper. For higher-paid positions that work remotely, you may need a particular educational or training background. Living on the road means you have the extra time to skill up if you need it.

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