Just a few years ago it was still common for someone to go to work outside of the home. However, for a variety of reasons, remote work has become more popular, especially over the last two years due to the pandemic. While only 4.7 million workers in The United States work remotely half of the time, more companies are beginning to offer remote positions. Remote jobs are popular and for good reason. They allow you to work from home safely and comfortably. They’re also great for those with health issues or anxiety. Remote jobs are here to stay, and there’s a lot to learn.

What Is A Remote Job?

A remote job is a position where you complete your work duties at home. Some remote jobs may require you to come into an office for a day every so often, but many remote jobs are done completely within the comfort of your home. Remote jobs are available in nearly every industry but are most popular in the tech industry. This is usually because that style of work is easier to complete while at home compared to others. It’s worth noting that a remote job is different than a freelance job or similar, but what exactly does a remote job entail?

  • Remote work is usually completely done at home.
  • It’s often with a company.
  • It’s usually not temporary work.
  • Most positions are salaried work.
  • Is not offered for some hands-on positions.
  • Is usually in normal eight-hour shifts.

Remote jobs are often preferred due to the fact that you’re able to work in a stress-free environment. You’re also allowed to dress how you like and can snack as you work. Many people also work remotely if they have to care for others, such as children or an elderly parent. Remote positions are also great for those who may be immuno-compromised, or for those who suffer from mental health issues. Remote work makes it easy for people who would otherwise struggle to work to find positions that pay and can be managed.

Remote work is also rather different than freelance work. Freelance work is often self-sought completely and doesn’t run on a salaried position. Freelance work is different from remote work in a variety of ways including:

  • Multiple clients hire you
  • Is not with one set company
  • Is not paid via salary
  • Is self-managed completely
  • Is determined by project, not by time period
  • May require you to leave the home

When you become a freelance worker, you’ll look for work in your niche. From there, you’ll find clients who are hiring for projects. For instance, a freelance writer may get hired to write a landing page for a business. Once the landing page is complete, the job is paid, and the work period is over. With remote work, you’ll continue to work as if you were in a physical position. You’ll have your time to log on and off every day, and you’ll still have to obey company rules, such as no extra phone time, and lunchtime.

When you work a remote job, you’ll also still have the option of the same company benefits as those who work in an office. When you work freelance you won’t have any extra benefits, and your clients aren’t expected to offer you any. You’ll have to manage your own insurance policies, as well as your own savings and retirement accounts. You’ll also be expected to pay your own taxes, which for most self-employed people is a whopping 30% per payment. With freelance work you’ll have more freedom, but you’ll also have a lot of responsibility to worry about.

Where Do I Find Remote Jobs?

While remote employment is becoming more popular, the jobs themselves are still somewhat difficult to find. This is partly because the demand for these jobs is so very high. There are still many places to find remote jobs, if you know where to look. But where exactly can you find remote jobs?

The two most popular places to find remote jobs are remote jobs search engines and remote jobs platforms and similar platforms that offer job boards for this type of work. But what’s the difference between those? And are any of them better than the others?

Remote Job Boards

A job board is like an online version of a thumb tack board hung up in your local market. These boards are places where people can come and post about their positions. Some of these boards allow companies to post themselves, and others are run by people who post these job openings as they hear of them. With this type of website, you’re able to scroll through the listings to find jobs that may interest you. Each job listing will have a brief description of the job, such as job duties, possible pay rates, hours, and so on. You’ll usually find a link therein where you can apply for the job. A good example of a job board would be Monster. However, Monster offers both in-office and remote job listings, with the ability to filter out remote work, so that way it’s the only type you’ll see.

Remote Job Search Engine

A job search engine works almost like any other search engine, except your results are jobs that are available. With a job search engine, you’ll be able to search for keywords that match which jobs you’d like to apply for. For example, if you’re looking for a job as a remote IT specialist, you’d search for jobs like “IT specialist” or “remote IT specialist” and would see what the site returns. These websites are great for straightforward job searching. A good example of a job search engine would be Indeed.

Social Media and Similar

Social networking websites have opened doors for the way we communicate with others. This doesn’t have to stop with finding friends or even romance. Social networking can even help you find jobs! You’re able to use normal social media websites to find work, whether through friends or via groups. But you’re also able to sign up for remote jobs platforms. A good example of a job platform that also operates as a social media/networking site is LinkedIn. These websites make it easy to connect with others in your field, allowing you to not only find work but also to make new friends and connections which may be useful to you later. There are plenty of different job platforms that allow you to find remote work, whether you’re social on them or not. Lastly, forums and even websites like Craigslist may be of service if other platforms are not.

How Do I Apply For Remote Jobs

Applying for a remote job isn’t as difficult as it may seem; in fact, it’s just as easy as applying for almost any other job. But how exactly do you apply for a remote job? There’s a few steps that make applying for this type of work easier than you’d think.

  1. When applying for remote jobs, you’ll want to consider which type of work you’re looking to become involved in. Are you looking for remote work with a company? Or are you looking to freelance? Consider which style of remote work you’re interested in applying for before you begin your search.

  2. Once you’ve decided which type of remote work that you’re interested in, you’ll have to decide which niche or field you’re looking to work in. It’s a good idea to find work in a niche that you have experience in. If you’re branching into a new field, you may find it more difficult to find remote work at first. Make sure that you’re well prepared, such as with a full composed resume, references, and more. Once you decide on your field, you’ll need to decide where you’ll find work, such as via a job board or search engine. Decide which source you’ll begin with and start your search.

  3. Once you’ve found some job listings you’d like to apply for, you’ll need to prepare your documents to be sent digitally. This can be as simple as a Word document or a PDF of your resume. Or it can become more involved, such as scans of your government-issued ID and proof scans of any degrees that you have.

  4. Double check the details! Before you apply for any job, make sure that you’ve double-checked the details of the job. Is the position something that you’re qualified to do? Are you confident that you’d be able to do the job successfully? Are the hours for the position suitable for your lifestyle and schedule? What benefits are offered? Is the pay suitable? Make sure that you’re okay with the details before you apply; otherwise you’ll waste time for everyone involved.

  5. Once you’ve compiled everything that you’ll need and once you’ve applied for the job via the directions provided by the company, you’ll need to prepare for any interviews. Many remote jobs will still require you to interview for the position. Make sure that you have clothes suitable for a Zoom interview, as many companies will require at least one video interview. Make sure that you have cell phone service in your location and that you’re able to receive calls with no issues. Treat your interview as you would any other, and make sure that you’re prepared for it.

  6. Finally, once everything is in place, make sure that you have what you’ll need to begin work should you be hired. Some companies will provide a computer for your use, but plenty do not. Make sure that you have the equipment you’ll need to do your work. If you don’t have what you need yet, make sure that you have the means to obtain it before you’d be set to begin work. Being prepared is crucial!

What Are The Best Paying Remote Jobs?

Everyone needs enough money to live and to enjoy their life. Unfortunately, the economy is not very forgiving, which is requiring jobseekers to find work that pays enough for them to live happily. But what are the best-paying remote jobs?

Data Scientist

For those who are logical and enjoy science, this should be news to celebrate. Data scientists make a median of $74,496 annually, with the high end being $156,000. The lowest 10% still make over $50,000 annually. There is an expectation of 22% job growth by 2030, which is much faster than average. This job entails workers to analyze data from a business or organization to understand their goals and just how they’ll reach them. Data scientists make algorithms, data models, and predictive models. They also use simulations, data mining and other tools to help convey data. They typically work with marketers, sales teams, and leadership teams.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst makes a median annual salary of $99,944, with the top 10% earning about $150,000. The lowest 10% earn about $45,000 annually. An information security analyst will work alongside a company to ensure that their sensitive information is protected. This often includes network security and customer information like passwords and account information. These professionals will respond to threats, update software, monitor threats, and more. This job is in high demand because it’s something that every business needs. This job is also usually exclusively remote.

Digital Marketer

A digital marketer makes a median annual salary of $43,000, with the top percentage making about $69,000. The lower percentage makes about $27,000. This position requires a marketer to analyze a company and their customers. They work to understand competitor’s marketing techniques and to improve the techniques of the company that they work for. A digital marketer creates campaigns to increase the customer base of the company that they work for, as well as customer approval. They create marketing plans and campaigns, using data, psychology and other skills to gain positive attention for the company at which they work.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor makes a median annual salary of $70,482, with the top percentage making about $147,000. The lower percentage makes about $20,500. Financial advisors help their clients with their financial plans and goals. These advisors will analyze spending, investments and similar to help their clients formulate realistic goals and budgets. They work with their clients to help their clients manage their finances both currently and for the future. These specialists often work in freelance positions, unless hired by a business or organization.

There are many other positions that offer high-paying salaries. How much one is paid depends on experience, position, and even location. Some states offer a higher salary than others, and certain companies will pay more for an employee with greater experience. There are also plenty of other high-paying fields that offer remote work, such as IT positions and even psychology.

What Are The Best Job Search Engines/Websites To Find Remote Jobs?


Flexjobs is easily one of the biggest websites for remote jobs on the internet. They’ve been around since 2007 and have a lot of different options for remote jobs. On Flexjobs, you’re able to find part-time, full-time, and temporary remote positions in over 100 different industries! Flexjobs is a great safe source for remote work because they verify each job that is posted there. This means you’ll avoid any scams. Because of that, Flexjobs is a paid website, with subscriptions starting at just $9.95 per week. However, it’s worth the cost to access hundreds of safe, legitimate remote jobs.

Flexjobs offers remote work for hundreds of different industries, so you’ll have your choice of field.

This website offers general remote jobs, meaning they don’t offer only one niche or type. There is a large variety of different remote positions posted regularly.

Flexjobs offers both US-based remote jobs, as well as international work. However, it’s important to note that the hiring process may be different for international jobs.

As one of the top remote work websites, Flexjobs isn’t free. There are a few subscription plans available, each of those offering their own amazing benefits and payment schedules.

Flexjobs is a legitimate remote job website that offers hundreds of positions. They have countless positive reviews and have been in operation since 2007. They are trustworthy and have an A+ rating with the BBB.


JustRemote is another website that makes finding remote jobs easier than ever. This website makes searching for and applying for remote positions easy to do. Each job is listed clearly and applying is made easy. You’re able to search and narrow your search with filters. You’re able to browse hundreds of job positions and they even offer a weekly newsletter that may offer new opportunities that may fit your skills.

JustRemote offers remote positions for hundreds of different industries, including technology, writing, marketing, and more.

This remote job website offers general remote job listings. They do not specialize in just one type of remote position or industry.

JustRemote offers both US-based positions as well as international positions, including Vietnam!

JustRemote is free to use up until a certain point. To access more jobs and features you may have to subscribe to their paid option, which is $12 per month. However, your first month offers a 50% off discount.

JustRemote is a legitimate option for remote jobs websites. However, they are currently not accredited by the BBB. There are plenty of positive reviews online and they have been around for quite a while.


SolidGigs is different than other remote work websites. Instead of searching for jobs via a search engine or job board, SolidGigs will send jobs relevant to your skills to your email. You’ll get a weekly newsletter with jobs that fit your skills and interests. For some this is time-saving and preferred, for others this service isn’t direct enough. With SolidGigs, you get the top 1% of freelance jobs sent directly to your email.

SolidGigs will send you remote jobs that fit your skills, in hundreds of different industries.

SolidGigs doesn’t cater to just any one niche, though they usually do specialize in jobs that are short-term.

They are currently US-based, though may offer international positions as well.

SolidGigs is a paid service. Currently, the service costs $21 per month if you pay yearly, or $35 per month if you pay monthly. The service also offers a 7-day free trial.

SolidGigs is not BBB accredited, though they do have plenty of positive reviews both from individuals and blogs/websites. They are somewhat new, with their popularity growing.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is an easy-to-use job board for remote jobs. The website is easy to navigate and use and offers a variety of different job types. You’re able to narrow down your search and filter which jobs you’re shown. You’re also able to sign up for job alerts, allowing you to be informed quickly after a new job that matches your skills is posted.

Working Nomads offers positions in a variety of different job niches and industries.

Working Nomads doesn’t specialize in any one niche or industry; they are a general website with a lot of job opportunities.

While most of the work on Working Nomads seems to be US-based, there’s nothing stating that international work won’t be/isn’t available.

Working Nomads is a job board that is free to use and navigate.

Working Nomads is currently not accredited by the BBB. However, they do not offer any one service, and serve solely as a free job board. Users must use their best discretion when viewing and applying for positions.


Indeed is a popular job search engine. While Indeed offers both remote jobs and in-person jobs, there’s plenty of work available on the website. Indeed has been around for many years and makes finding remote work easy to do. The website works like any other search engine, allowing you to search for jobs that may fit your skills.

Indeed offers positions in hundreds of industries, featuring jobs of all types.

Indeed does not specialize in one industry or job type.

Indeed offers jobs that are both US-based and international.

Indeed is free to use and navigate.

Indeed currently has an A- rating with the BBB. However, they have a one star review rating from customers on the BBB. Users should use discretion when viewing and applying for jobs via their website. Indeed has been online for 17 years.


Dribble is a one-stop shop for finding design jobs. This website offers an easy solution to finding and applying for design jobs. There are a variety of different ways to do this within the website including a job board and the ability to create a profile. The website is a favorite for those seeking design positions throughout the world.

Dribble offers positions in the design industry.

Dribble specializes in jobs in the design industry.

Dribble offers design positions worldwide.
Dribble offers free features up to a point. There is also a Dribble Pro option, starting at $5 per month that gives you more features and opportunities.

Dribble is currently not rated by the BBB. However, they have plenty of positive reviews and seem to be trustworthy, even if they haven’t been around for a very long time.


Upwork is perhaps the most popular freelance work site to exist. The website allows users to bid on work in hundreds of fields. Upwork operates by allowing clients and companies to post their jobs, and then allows workers to bid on the job by sending a proposal to the client. Work is reported and completed through the Upwork system. There are hundreds of jobs and gigs listed on Upwork at any given time, some of which can lead to long-term positions.

Upwork offers work in a wide variety of fields.

Upwork does not cater to just one field or niche.

Upwork has work for anyone, worldwide.

Upwork is mostly free, with certain features and upgrades available for a price. Users may also need to purchase more proposals if they run out before finding work.

Upwork currently has a D rating on their BBB profile. They have a 1-star customer review rating and are not accredited. However, many people praise Upwork. Users should use discretion when bidding for jobs, as Upwork currently has no system in place to test the validity of the jobs. They do, however, have other protections in place to ensure workers get paid.


Guru operates a lot like Upwork, allowing users to bid on jobs and land freelance work. A lot of the work on Guru can also lead to longer positions and more work. Guru is popular among many different job niches and offers hundreds of different jobs at any given time.

Guru offers freelance and remote work in a variety of fields.

Guru does not specialize in any one field of work.

Guru offers work worldwide.

Guru is generally free to use, though they do offer a paid membership that unlocks more features. There are many levels of paid membership, each offering more features than the last.

Guru has an F rating with the BBB and is not accredited. They also have a 1-star user review rating. However, plenty of other resources online vouch for the website.


Freelancer covers a variety of remote work. They offer positions for writers, graphic design, marketing, and more. This website operates similarly to Upwork and Guru, allowing you to browse and bid on jobs that match your skills. There are often hundreds of remote jobs offered on Guru at any given point.

Freelancer offers freelance and remote work in a variety of different fields, including copywriting, marketing, graphic design, and more.

Freelancer doesn’t cater to just one niche but is more of a general website.

Freelancer should offer work worldwide, though availability may vary.

Freelancer is mostly free to use. However, they do offer paid membership tiers that include more benefits.

Freelancer does not currently seem to be rated or accredited by the BBB. However, other online resources seem to like them.


Fiverr is another website that allows freelancers and remote workers to offer their skills up to potential employers. With Fiverr, you’re able to list your job and how much you’d like to get paid. For instance, a writer may list copywriting services for $50 per project. Fiverr allows workers to list their own jobs that highlight their skills, putting the control in the hands of the employee instead of the client.

Fiverr allows many different types of work and fields.

Fiverr does not specialize in any one niche or field.

Fiverr has users worldwide.

Fiverr is free to use, though some extra features may be behind a paywall.

Fiverr is rated A+ by the BBB. However, they are not yet accredited. They also only have a 1-star user review rating. Fiverr is praised by other sources online and has been in business for many years.

99 Designs

99 Designs allows users to find design work in a variety of design niches. Users can get hired directly by freelancers using the 1 on 1 feature or compete and send in one for high-paying projects. 99 Designs is competitive but is worth looking at when it comes to finding design work.

99 Designs allows users to find and compete for design work.

99 Designs specializes in design work of all types.

99 Designs should offer work both in North America and other places, depending on the work listed.

99 Designs seems to be free to use, though that is subject to change.

99 Designs is not accredited by the BBB. They currently have an F rating, with a 1-star customer review rating. However, some sources online vouch for the website. 99 Designs was founded in 2008.


Problogger is a very popular writing job board that has been online for more than 15 years. Because Problogger is so popular, one can expect to find some high-paying positions posted somewhat regularly. The website hosts hundreds of job listings per day, all of which are easy to browse and apply for. This website is one of the top remote writing job resources.

Problogger offers remote jobs for writers and editors.

Problogger specializes in a wide variety of writing jobs.

Problogger is popular in the US but should also be available elsewhere.

Problogger is completely free to use, though competition is heavy.

Problogger is not rated or accredited by the BBB. However, the nature of their website mitigates the need. They are widely used and trusted by many writers.


Dice offers remote jobs for those in the tech field. Dice makes it easy for people to search for their perfect job as a programmer, developer, or something similar. Dice puts clients in front of companies hiring tech workers.

Dice offers hundreds of jobs for those in the tech industry.

Dice specializes in the technology niche.

Dice is US-based, though some jobs may be international.

Dice is completely free to use for job seekers.

Dice is not accredited by the BBB and currently has a D+ rating. However, other sources online praise the website.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an easy to navigate job board that usually caters to the tech industry. Stack Overflow usually has a large variety of different web developer and programming jobs available. The job board is easy to navigate and use and has plenty to see. However, this board doesn’t just offer remote jobs, though they do have plenty listed at any given time.

Stack Overflow offers plenty of different jobs for those in the tech industry.

Stack Overflow specializes in the tech industry.

Stack Overflow is US-based but may offer work in other countries.

Stack Overflow is free to use.

Stack Overflow is currently not rated or accredited by the BBB. However, other online sources deem it trustworthy.


Craigslist isn’t just for remote jobs, or even jobs in general. However, plenty of companies and clients will list their remote jobs under the remote job section or “gig” section of Craigslist. Users may also find remote work for their niche under the jobs tab in general. Craigslist is a very popular, well-known website which caters to general ads for goods and services.

Craigslist offers general job listings, some of which are remote.

Craigslist does not specialize in any single niche.

Craigslist is currently available in about 50 different countries throughout the world.

Craigslist is free to use for seekers and most other users.

Craigslist is rated F by the BBB and has yet to be accredited. Users who seek employment through Craigslist ads should use discretion. Their customer review rating is one star. They have been online since 1996.


Remotive is an all-inclusive job board for those seeking remote work. The job board is easy to use and offers hundreds of different remote jobs. Users can see potential pay and job location all within the listing before clicking to read further. Remotive makes finding remote work easy and fast.

Remotive offers remote jobs of many different types.

Remotive does not specialize in one niche.

Remotive offers positions worldwide.
Remotive is free to use.

Remotive is currently not rated or accredited by the BBB. However, other sources online praise Remotive as being a useful and trustworthy job board for finding remote work.


Belay is a great resource for the online bookkeeper, personal assistant, or similar. Belay offers remote positions, matching professionals with their perfect client. Those who seek a position through Belay will be matched in a position that suits them. While different than a job board, Belay is a great option for online personal assistants and other similar workers.

Belay offers jobs in the customer service niche.

Belay serves those who work as remote personal assistants, remote bookkeepers, and other customer service roles.

Belay is offered mostly within the US, though other countries may possibly be accepted case by case.

Belay is free to use.

Belay has an A+ rating with the BBB. They are currently not accredited. Other online sources deem them trustworthy and useful.


Most people have heard of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a career-based social media website that allows users to network with others in their niche. LinkedIn also has a variety of job postings that users can browse and apply for. LinkedIn doesn’t just offer remote work, though many jobs are remote.

LinkedIn is a general career-based social media website. They offer general jobs.

LinkedIn does not specialize in any single niche.

LinkedIn offers positions worldwide.

LinkedIn is primarily free to use, with some extra features possibly incurring extra cost.

LinkedIn is currently not accredited by the BBB. They have an A rating, but a 1-star customer review rating. LinkedIn is otherwise considered safe and trustworthy.

Remote Hub

Remote Hub is a job board that features hundreds of both remote and non-remote jobs. These jobs are offered in a wide variety of fields and browsing through the listings is easy to do. Each listing displays possible pay, location, and job details. Remote Hub is great for job seekers of all types.

Remote Hub offers jobs of all types.

Remote Hub does not specialize in just one niche.

Remote Hub offers positions worldwide.

Remote Hub is free to use.

Remote Hub has not yet been reviewed or rated by the BBB. However, they are otherwise deemed trustworthy.


Snagajob is a somewhat popular job board that features both remote and non-remote jobs. The job board is easy to navigate, and even loads remote positions in your town first. Snagajob offers a wide variety of positions in many fields and usually has hundreds of jobs listed at once.

Snagajob offers hundreds of jobs in a variety of fields.

Snagajob does not cater to just one niche.

Snagajob is offered in the US, and possibly other countries.

Snagajob is free to use and easy to navigate.

Snagajob is not accredited by the BBB but has an A rating. Their user review rating is 1-star. They are otherwise trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

Job Search Engines for Remote Jobs
There are a lot of options for finding Remote Jobs!
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