Choosing to get involved with real estate for your career is often a fine choice. Real estate opens a lot of doors, and is an industry that is unlikely to die out anytime soon. Because people will always need a place to live, chances are that real estate will continue to be a high earning career venture. However, you can’t just start working in real estate. To become a real estate agent you’ll need education, and some of this education is required before you’ve even obtained your real estate license.

What is an Online Real Estate Class?

Everyone is mandated to take real estate classes prior to obtaining their real estate license. These courses are usually referred to as pre-license real estate courses. The purpose of these classes is to prepare you for your licensing, and to prepare you to work in the real estate field.

Many people learn more efficiently when allowed to take courses from home. Because of that, many real estate classes take place online. Online real estate classes are great for those who prefer to study at home. Online classes are just as efficient as in- person classes, and are still taught by actual professionals and professors. Many of these classes also utilize other forms of learning, such as audio, transcripts, infographics and more. These classes are great for people who need to fit in their education around their busy life schedule, among a wide variety of other reasons.

Real estate online courses are just like in-person courses, and they count the same as well. They are offered by accredited schools and programs and teach the same, if not better, curriculum than in-person courses teach. These courses are a great option and open the door for learners who may not be able to attend classes in person for whatever reason.

Who needs to take real estate classes?

Studying to get your real estate license is crucial, and anyone who wishes to obtain their real estate license and work in the industry needs to take real estate courses. These courses are required for anyone looking to start a career in real estate and are also required for becoming licensed. Many states have a mandated amount of hours, as well as other education requirements you must meet.

Pre-license real estate classes are regulated by each state’s real estate commission and are mandatory for those entering the real estate field. Whether you take a real estate pre-license course online, or you take the same course in person, you’ll still be required to take some sort of real estate course to become licensed and work in the industry legally. Both online and in-person courses are acceptable, with preference and lifestyle being the determining factors.

How do online real estate classes work?

Online real estate classes work a little differently than on-campus classes. The way these courses are taken depends on the school or program that coordinates them.


A typical class schedule may require at least three days of classes. These classes usually vary in length, usually lasting for at least sixty to ninety minutes. Depending on your program, you may have more or less classes and they’ll be organized to fit your life schedule and the schedule laid forth by your professors.

Depending on your program, you may be able to complete most of your coursework on your own, and you may be able to work with your teacher to reduce the amount of time spent in a more formal online class.

However, you’ll still likely need to attend some sort of real time class at least once per week, if only to help clear up any questions and discuss your progress.


Coursework will vary by school and program. Some coursework may even vary by state. The bulk of your coursework is usually available through your program dashboard, which you’ll gain access to after registration.

Your dashboard will usually show what you have to work on for that week, and for the rest of your course. Depending on the type of course you’re enrolled in, you may be able to work ahead. You’ll also take your quizzes and your exams online, as well as submitting any papers that may be required. All of your classwork is usually completed using the online program that is accessed by creating an account after registration. Sometimes, email and Zoom are also used.


Your online real estate courses are monitored and graded just like a normal, on-campus program. You’ll submit your work before deadlines and will be graded just like any traditional learning experience.

These classes are very similar to average on-campus courses, but are adapted to fit online, making it easier for more people to work on their studies and advance their careers. Once you finish your course, you’re usually issued a certificate and are ready to test for your real estate license.

Real Estate Pre-license Course VS. Post-License Courses VS. Continuing ed for Real Estate: What are the Differences?

The differences between these education types essentially depend on where you’re at in your career.

Pre-licensing: Pre-licensing education is crucial not only to prepare you for your real estate exam, but also for your overall career. Post-licensing education is important because it allows you to continue your education in ways that will be beneficial for your career. Doing so ensures the safety and happiness of your clients and yourself during your career.

Post-licensing: Post-licensing coursework will expand on the education that is required to operate legally within the real estate field.

Continuing education: Continuing education usually refers to education obtained after your first year and is usually wise to keep your clients happy and your operations legal.

All of these types of education are important for having a real estate career, and all of them are crucial for having a successful and legal real estate career. Here are more information about real estate courses:

Pre-license courses

Pre-license courses are required to test for your real estate license. These courses are formulated to help you gain the knowledge that you need to effectively test for your license. Without these courses, you’d legally be unable to test for and work in real estate. Each state requires individuals to meet certain education requirements throughout their real estate career, including pre-licensing education.

Post-license courses

Post-license courses are just as important as pre-license. Most states require you to take at least twenty-five hours of post-license coursework within your first year of licensure. These classes may be completed online or in person, but they must be completed to maintain your real estate license during, and beyond your first year. All individuals with a license must complete this education requirement, regardless of if they’re in active status or inactive status.

Continuing education

Continuing education for real estate usually refers to the education that you complete after your first year of licensure. It’s important to continue your real estate education by taking a refresher course every so often. You’ll also be required to renew your license, which may require further education. While you may be mandated to meet certain education requirements beyond your first year, it’s always a good idea to do so proactively, even if your state doesn’t mandate it.

What are the Best Real Estate Classes?

There are many good real estate classes to help you prepare to work in realty. But what are some of the best?


Aceable is the online education company that boasts some of the highest student passing rates on state licensing exams. Aceable utilizes web and mobile apps to give students a comprehensive and flexible education. With everything from practice tests to workshops, Aceable offers online real estate education that you can rely on. They offer reliable courses in plenty of fields, with real estate being one of their finest.


  • Has one of the highest student passing rates: 92% national pass rate
  • Easy to access courses
  • Offered in many states
  • Engaging courses with video, quizzes, and games
  • Comprehensive, credible education
  • Courses approved by most state’s real estate board
  • Fits into most schedules
  • Allows you to work at your own pace
  • Offers hands-on learning methods


  • Classes are online only
  • Differs from on-campus learning
  • Technical difficulties may slow progress
  • Some people may benefit from in-person learning more

Aceable offers courses in a variety of different states, including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Washington and Virginia. These classes cover everything you’d need to learn before you sit for your real estate exam. Not only that, but these online pre-license courses are approved by your state’s real estate board.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop specializes in education at every point in your real estate career. From pre-licensing to post and continuing education, The CE Shop has courses designed to help just about anyone with their real estate career path. These courses are formulated to help you every step of the way, with their specialization being in continuing education, as their name suggests.

The CE Shop has a lot to offer when it comes to real estate courses:

  • Courses suited for getting your real estate license in 41 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Coursework for continuing real estate education in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Affordable packages for each state, with prices varying by state and education requirements.
  • Many states offer a guarantee, reimbursing you for your first exam should you fail.
  • The CE Shop makes accessing study materials easy to do.

There are a variety of pros and cons regarding The CE Shop as well, including:


  • Offers coursework for continuing education in all states plus D.C.
  • Will reimburse first failed exam in most states
  • Easy to access education, with a user-friendly system
  • Most courses available online 24/7
  • Allows you to work at your own pace
  • Offers a national and state approved curriculum
  • Plenty of courses and programs to choose from


  • Some may dislike remote learning
  • Costs vary by state
  • The variety of coursework may be confusing for some
  • Style of teaching may be too relaxed for some

The CE Shop offers online real estate courses for every step of the way. They offer courses for pre-licensing, exam prep, first renewal education, post-licensure education, continuing education, real estate license upgrades, and more. They offer courses in 41 states for pre-license education, and 50 states for continuing education. These courses also include the District of Columbia. These courses are state-approved and just as valuable as in-person courses.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is an online education destination that offers four tiers of educational packages in at least 38 states plus the District of Columbia. The most basic education package is a pre-license package that teaches everything you’d need to know to get your real estate license. This course includes teacher support as well as real estate books. The higher tiers offer additional resources like exam prep materials, post-license courses, instructor Q and A, and more. They also offer a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee.


  • Offers four tiers of educational programs to suit your needs
  • Courses that meet state requirements
  • Offers a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee
  • Offers a comprehensive education
  • Covers everything you’ll need to pass your exam
  • Offered in many states


  • Some may not respond to remote learning
  • Courses are only available for 6 months after enrollment
  • You must also complete your exam prep along with your coursework within 6 months
  • Prices vary by state

Real Estate Express courses are available in multiple states, at least 38 of them, plus the District of Columbia. Courses are ARELLO and idecc certified and accredited. The courses are approved by individual states as well, meeting your state’s education requirements for real estate.


Kaplan is a learning institution which offers a variety of options for real estate courses. Kaplan offers real estate classes in person, online, and through text-based services. These services are available in at least 26 states including D.C. Kaplan’s offerings vary wildly by state, both in coursework and in price. Because the coursework varies so greatly, be sure that the courses available to you meet the requirements set forth by your state for real estate education.


  • Offers a variety of quality learning options
  • Offers a flexible study schedule
  • Includes instruction and practice exams
  • Is generally affordable


  • Coursework may not meet your state’s requirements
  • Prices vary by state
  • Coursework varies by state
  • Classes may lack structure

Kaplan offers a variety of real estate courses in many states. They are available in at least 26 states, including Washington, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and New Mexcio. They are also available in the District of Columbia. However, the coursework may not be accredited in your state, or may not meet your state’s education requirements.


Mbition was previously known as OnCourse Learning Real Estate. Mbition offers a variety of packages suited to help you earn your real estate license. These packages come in silver, gold, and platinum tiers. They also offer individual courses and books to help you become a real estate agent. The courses are extensive, with pre-licensing courses available in 22 states, with extensive exam prep and continuing education courses available in even more states.


  • Extensive programs with plenty learning materials
  • Offers both physical and downloadable book options
  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Courses are often very affordable
  • ARELLO approved courses


  • Many reviews state courses are rushed
  • Coursework must be finished within 6 months of enrollment
  • May not fit your state’s education hour requirement
  • Prices vary greatly by state

Mbition is available in a variety of states, at least 26 of them for prelicensing courses, and even more for continuing education and exam prep. These courses are accredited by ARELLO, meeting national requirements. However, be aware that courses may not meet state requirements.


360Training is an online campus that offers pre licensure coursework for real estate in at least 14 states. Courses for exam prep are available in all 50 states plus D.C, with continuing education being available in 32 states. These courses are comprehensive and allow you to learn everything you’ll need to know to pass your real estate license exam. Courses are complete and are often affordable.


  • Courses are available in many states
  • Classes are comprehensive
  • Courses can be purchased individually to avoid repetition
  • Great Ease of access and user-friendly education


  • Material may repeat
  • Courses may feel too rushed or relaxed
  • Some courses may not be available in your state
  • Prices can vary greatly

360Training offers real solutions for real estate education. They are available in a variety of states. However, their pre-license courses are limited to certain states. These classes are approved and accredited, allowing you to learn as you meet your state’s requirements.


RealEstateU is another online real estate campus that allows students to learn what they need to pass their real estate exam. They offer state license course options in a limited amount of states, 14 states to be exact. Real estate course packages range in price. They also offer additional exam prep for your state. Due to individual state education requirements, coursework may vary. Some states may offer more resources, such as Michigan offering audio courses, transcripts, infographics and more.


  • Offers comprehensive classes
  • Offers a variety of learning resources
  • Offers a variety of packages
  • Available in many states


  • Offered in limited states for pre-license coursework
  • Prices vary greatly
  • Available resources offered may be less in your state
  • Coursework available for limited time frames, which vary by state

RealEstateU offers pre-license coursework in 14 states. These courses are extensive and low cost. These courses meet the educational requirements set forth by your state, allowing you to legally sit for the real estate exam.

Cooke Real Estate School

Cooke Real Estate School offers state-approved courses in just 14 states. While their other fields of coursework are more extensive, their real estate courses offer everything you’d need to pass your real estate exam. These courses can be purchased in packages. The offerings of these packages, as well as the price will vary by state. While prices may vary by state, they are usually affordable.


  • Offers comprehensive courses
  • Offers a variety of learning resources
  • Easy to use e-campus
  • Work around your own schedule
  • Generally affordable course options


  • May not be available in your state
  • Some students feel rushed
  • Some students struggle with remote-only learning

Cooke Real Estate School offers detailed and state-approved courses in real estate education for just 14 states. These courses meet your state’s requirements for education in the real estate field. Therefore, these courses are approved by the state and are deemed sufficient for meeting education requirements for the real estate exam and career field.

Final Thoughts

Online Real Estate Classes Easy Career Change
Online Real Estate Classes Just One Click Away!

Being involved in the real estate field requires plenty of education, both before licensing and after. Staying educated is often mandated by your state. Be careful to check with your state to understand their individual education requirements. Different states may require a different amount of hours for both pre-licensed education as well as post-license education, including continuing education beyond your first year.

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